The 2019-2020 school year is (mercifully) almost finished, but before school breaks for summer and we are all tasked with the (daunting) job of figuring out how the heck we are going to keep our kids busy, safe, and healthy, we wanted to take this opportunity to reflect back on the year that was for SAC, as well as thank some of the key SAC members without whom SAC’s activities would simply not be possible:

SAC Executive

Jason Rosen (Chair)
Rachel Silver (Vice-Chair)
Jeremy Jacobs(Treasurer)
Kyle Greenspan(Secretary)

SAC Committees

Michelle Filice (Chair, Communications Committee)
Amy Kroft (Chair, Lunch/After-School Programs Committee)
Sarita Ronski & Shauna Mayles (Co-Chairs, SAC Lunch Commitee)
Jodi Nisker & Melanie Wine (Co-Chairs, Parent Connections & Volunteers Committee)
Jordana Wolkove-Harwood and Joelle Breslin (Co-Chairs, Fundraising Committee)

SAC Governance and Elections

As discussed during our June 3rd SAC Meeting, the two-year terms of the SAC Executive and SAC Committee Chairs will end at the end of June. Owing to the COVID-19 situation, SAC was not able to hold elections at the end of this year, but will instead look to hold elections at the beginning of next school year during the month of September. In the meantime, the current SAC Executive shall continue to remain in place to work with the school administration in the lead-up to the start of the 2020-2021 school year. Further information regarding the timing and process for the SAC elections in September will follow over the summer.

We note that it is anticipated that by June 30th the Ministry of Education and the TDSB will have outlined what the return to school will look like in September. Based on those guidelines, the current SAC Executive will make adjustments to the usual planning that happens during the summer, with the support of those current Committee Chairs that are willing, as needed.  It is very likely that some longstanding SAC initiatives and fundraisers, such as the Welcome Back BBQ, SAC Lunch and SAC Lunchtime/After-School programming will not commence in the Fall as has historically been the case. As a result, we anticipate the need for SAC to come up with new and creative ways to fundraise going forward.

SAC Social Events and Fundraising

While the past year has been a challenging one for SAC, it was still a successful one. SAC held its Welcome Back BBQ, Movie Night, Skate Night and a Throwback Thursday Adult Night. Despite some challenges, the SAC lunchtime and after-school programs were successfully run during the Fall and Winter. A new Birthday Book Club program was launched, as well as a new Big Box of Cards fundraiser. Our extremely popular weekly SAC lunch program continued right up until March Break.

Overall, we are pleased to report that SAC took in over $50,000 in funds during this past school year, including $10,000 in donations from over 60 families from our annual BELIEVE fundraising campaign. In the Fall, the voting members of SAC approved a $23,500 allocation to the school to fund the purchase Chromebooks, iPads, laptops, math manipulatives and levelled readers as well as fund Project Giveback. In the Spring, SAC approved a further allocation of $12,500 towards technology and levelled readers.  However, owing to the closure of the school, this funding allocation has been deferred until the 2020-2021 school year.

We are also pleased to report that in place of the funding SAC typically provides to cover subsidies for the Grade 8 graduation trip, ceremony and celebrations (all of which were regrettably cancelled this year), at the request of the school, SAC will be covering the entire cost of (student-designed) hoodies for every Grade 8 graduate.

On behalf of the entire SAC team, we want to take this opportunity to thank each and every SAC member, SAC volunteer and Ledbury parent. Whether it was heading up or volunteering for a SAC Committee, helping to organize one of SAC’s social or fundraising events, contributing to SAC’s BELIEVE fundraising campaign or attending one of the monthly SAC meetings, your support, encouragement and dedication to the Ledbury community was invaluable in helping in the ongoing transformation of Ledbury.

The SAC Executive continue to communicating with the parent body from time to time throughout the summer as information becomes available. If you have any questions or concerns you think SAC may be able to provide assistance with, please feel free email us at

Jason Rosen
Rachel Silver
Jeremy Jacobs
Kyle Greenspan