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The Ledbury Letter and the Ledbury Link

We’re serious about communications this year!  On top of SAC’s new biweekly newsletter, the Ledbury Letter, you can also expect to hear directly from the school in Mr. Friberg’s new monthly update, the Ledbury Link.  The school office will send out an update the last Thursday or Friday of every month.

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Read the latest issue of the School’s Ledbury Link HERE.

A note from our new Ledbury Park Principal, Mr. Paul Friberg

       Ledbury Park Community! I hope that you all have experienced a wonderful summer with your children and are looking forward to the start of another school year. In June I was thrilled to learn of my transfer to Ledbury Park and packed up my office for the move to Ledbury. Although I was very happy at Selwyn and it is always difficult to leave places where you have developed strong relationships with the school community, and having accomplished a great deal in my 5 years as Principal, I was also looking for a new experience that was similar to schools that I had been at in my years as aledbury principaln administrator and as a teacher. Ledbury Park fit the ticket! If you are a returning Ledbury family, welcome back! If you are new to Ledbury, the staff and I welcome you to the Ledbury Park Community!

         The SAC has asked me to introduce myself here with a few notes about myself. I look very much forward to meeting you all at the various events our incredibly active SAC has planned this year. For the last few years I’ve worked with a number of parents at my last school to successfully build a viable and accountable SAC. I’m so impressed with the Ledbury example of active parents and strong objectives that work to improve the school community. I encourage you to reach out to a SAC parent if you are interested in volunteering your time and expertise to any of the upcoming events. Thank you in advance. A little about me: Friends and family would tell you that my favourite thing in the world (other than them of course) is to travel when I am not working. I’ve been fortunate to visit multiple islands, countries, and many popular cities around the world and continue to do it quite often. I’m always planning ahead and also enjoy hearing about other travel experiences. This summer I escaped the city to the tranquility and relaxation of the Mayan Riviera and also spent quite some time up North at the family cottage. When in the city and not at work, I am found happily puttering around the garden where I’m proud to say I have inherited a green thumb from my parents. Students will see house plants in my office. This is due to having to bring plants to school to avoid the house pet ripping them out but also the anticipation of the new puppy paws that comes this Fall!

When I was a classroom teacher I taught all grades K – 8 in different forms, as core teacher to grades 2 – 6, as a drama teacher to grades 3 – 8, as a teacher-librarian to the entire school K – 8, and as a special education resource teacher and a gifted teacher to grade 3 – 8 students. My favourite role was drama and your students will begin to tell you of Mr. Friberg visits to their classes. I look forward to hearing from you what they recount of these visits. I certainly possess no expertise in singing or dancing but have also been involved in many school productions. The TDSB is constantly evolving to meet the needs of the 21st century learner. New initiatives embraced early and with enthusiasm benefit our students. I will spend the next period of time looking at what Ledbury does well and what we could put in place to do even better. At my last school, we spent a great deal of time and various budgets putting technology (including robots) in the hands of students for their learning experiences but and also for instructional purposes. A goal for me will be to investigate and plan for more technology integration. Student voice and engagement is also very important to me. I will look at ways to give opportunities to our students to learn more of these essential skills with these leadership opportunities.

I know that we all share the same goal of your children enjoying a successful, exciting, and satisfying year ahead. To our students I encourage effort, initiative, and commitment, when each day on the announcements ends with, “Always remember to do your very best.”

I look forward to working with you to help our students to have experiences where they can find success.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. Friberg


Ledbury Park E & M School

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