Summer Meetups at the Park


Do your kids miss their friends? Do your kids have endless amounts of energy that you need to release? Join other Ledbury Families and come play at the park. 



 Ledbury Family Meetup time: 1-4pm

  • Saturday Aug. 27th: Ledbury Playscape
  • Sunday Aug. 28th: Woburn Avenue Playground (Woburn Ave & Jedburgh Rd)

Ledbury Park Rubik’s Cube Art Installation

Grade 6 teacher Mr. DeCastro spearheaded a project during the 2015/2016 in conjunction with Cubeworks. They manipulated 800 rubik’s cubes and recreated the Tom Thomson West Wind Painting from 1917. The art piece is now visible for all to see on the second floor of Ledbury near the library. Congratulations for all the hard work!


Click here to visit Cubeworks

Wear Your Pride On Your Sleeve!

IMG_7585 (1)


Start the 2016/2017 school year with some great Ledbury Apparel.  With a return of old favourites and some exciting new Items available this year, there will be something for everyone in your family!  Clothing will be available at every school event, including the Welcome Back BBQ on September 15th, 2016 (5-8pm).































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