Executive Committee

Executive Committee

Chair: Jason Rosen (jason.rosen@rogers.com)

Vice-Chair: vacant

Treasurer: Jeremy Jacobs (jeremy@caremy.com)

Secretary: Kyle Greenspan (kylegreenspan@rogers.com)

Contact (General inquiries): executive@ledburypark.ca


Ledbury’s SAC is led by an Executive Committee typically composed of a Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer and Secretary.

The purpose of the Executive Committee is to lead the development and execution of SAC strategy. This ensures that SAC maximizes the contribution to the school, students, parents and surrounding community.

All Committees within SAC contribute to the successful execution of the strategy. The Executive Committee acts as the oversight body for the SAC Committees and Sub-Committees. The Executive Committee is accountable to develop the strategy and direction for SAC for the school year that is then reviewed and approved by the SAC Voting Members.

The Executive Committee also performs the following functions:

  • provides guidance to all SAC Committees and Sub-Committees on a regular basis to ensure that we are delivering against our strategy
  • governs all financial matters related to SAC in accordance with TDSB rules and guidelines
  • develops the agenda for and leads the monthly SAC meetings
  • serves as a liaison to the school Administration, TDSB and surrounding Ledbury Community