SAC Committees

SAC Committees

SAC Volunteers Needed!

We will take all the help we can get, big or small!

The success of SAC’s fundraising and social events depend upon the generous time and effort of the volunteers who chair, plan and execute these events/initiatives. We are always in need of more volunteers, even if to just help on the day of an event. Volunteering is an excellent way to meet other parents and get involved in the school community.

Please complete the Volunteer Survey which will give us a sense of your interests and availability. At any time, you can also email or the appropriate committee chair(s) and email listed below.

Communications Committee

Chairs: J. Michelle Filice


The mandate of the Communications Committee is to coordinate and distribute SAC information for the parents of Ledbury Park. This includes distribution of a bi-weekly newsletter (the Ledbury Letter), as well as all SAC and sub-committee event and activity notices, updates and meeting minutes. The Communications committee also manages the Ledbury Park SAC website (, calendar of SAC events. Lastly, the committee supports Ledbury’s teacher and administration staff communications.

We are continually looking for ways to improve our communication methods and strategies, and welcome your feedback and suggestions!

Education Committee

Chair: Vacant


The mandate of the Education Committee is to provide support to the administration and teachers in the development of school and board wide initiatives.

Fundraising Committee

Chairs: Joelle Breslin and Jordana Wolkove-Harwood


Ledbury provides our students with a stimulating learning environment with a group of supportive teachers and staff.  But we believe that Ledbury can be even better; that our children would benefit from resources that enrich and expand their educational opportunities.

Lunchtime & After School Programs Committee

Chairs: Ellen Levy and Amy Kroft


The mandate of the lunch and after school committee is to provide Ledbury students extracurricular programs and experiences during and after the school day. The GOAL is to provide programs that are a mix of the following: physical activity that focuses on coordination, individual and team sports, arts-based programs that enhance fine motor skills, science programs that challenge the imagination and build inquiry, and computer literacy programs that prepare kids for the future.

We are committed to offering dynamic programming that meet the interests of all students at Ledbury. Please contact us with suggestions of programs you’d like to see at Ledbury! 

Parent Connections and Volunteers Committee

Chairs: Melanie Wine-Elmaleh and Jody Nisker


The Parent Connections and Volunteers Committee will be launching a “Parent Connections Program” where SAC will pair new Kindergarten families who are seeking information, guidance and support during their first year at Ledbury Park E&MS with returning parents who are willing to answer questions and help new parents navigate through the year ahead.

SAC Lunch Committee

Chairs: Sarita Ronski and Shauna Mayles


The purpose of the lunch committee is to offer nutritious, appealing lunch options for Ledbury Park EMS students while raising funds for the Ledbury SAC.

Lunch options are PPM150 compliant, the nutrition standards established by the Toronto District School Board to ensure healthy, balanced meals are offered to students. The Ledbury Park SAC uses the proceeds from lunch sales to fund resources to enrich the educational experience of our children.

Social Events and Spirit Committee

Chair: Jason Rosen (interim)


The Social Events and Spirit Committee oversees the planning and organization of social events throughout the school year as determined by its members and pre-approved by the Executive Committee. The Social Events Committee also liaises with teachers to determine their needs and help support the production of school-run social events throughout the year. The Social Events Committee works closely with the Fundraising Committee as many of its events serve a dual fundraising purpose.