SAC Overview

SAC Overview

Ledbury’s School Advisory Council (SAC) is a self-governing, parent-run volunteer organization that represents the interests of parents, families and student caregivers at Ledbury Park E&MS.

Ledbury’s SAC is lead by an Executive Committee composed of a Chair person, Vice Chair, Treasurer and Secretary. There are also various committees and sub-committees that provide key functions and programing related to parent, family and student caregiver interests at Ledbury.

SAC meetings are held on a monthly basis throughout the school year, which are open for all parents to attend. The meetings provide a forum to convey information from the executive and committees to the parent body and also provide an opportunity to discuss relevant issues faced by SAC and Ledbury parents. The SAC meetings are also attended by the Principal of the school and at least one teacher. The Principal provides a report at these meetings, and school issues are discussed in relation to this report.

Some of the key functions provided by Ledbury’s SAC include:

  • Governance of financial matters including budget management, and fund allocation.
  • Development and execution of fund raising initiatives
  • Coordination with School Administration and TDSB on school-related issues
  • Coordination of programming initiatives such as movie nights, pizza lunches, lunch and after school programs
  • Coordination of special events such as the Welcome Back BBQ and Ski/Snowboard Day
  • Advocacy for safety, nutrition and improved learning resources
Communications between SAC itself and Ledbury families via development of the Ledbury website, email notifications and maintenance of the parent directory.

SAC Organizational Chart

SAC Structure 2019 2020

SAC Bylaws

Ledbury Park SAC’s Constitution and Bylaws were last amended May 26, 2016.  The Bylaws help define the SAC’s purpose, explain how the SAC will be structured and describe its rights and responsibilities, all in accordance with the rules and regulations as set forth under Ontario Regulation 612/00 SACs and Parent Involvement Committees made pursuant to the Education Act (Ontario).

Voting Process

­­­­­The SAC Executive makes every effort to arrive at a consensus for all decisions both amongst itself as a group, as well as with all SAC Voting Members. Consensus is reached when all or a majority of SAC Voting Members can accept or support the idea, concept or course of action being proposed. Where consensus cannot be reached, issues may be resolved through a formal vote and, where the matter involves the expenditure of significant SAC funds, a vote is always held.

Under the SAC Bylaws, Voting Members are made up of the SAC Executive Committee and the Committee Chairs (in the case of Co-Chairs, only one Chair shall be deemed a Voting Member).

A majority vote of Voting Members is required for approval on any matter and a tie vote is a loss, however, on any vote that involves an allocation of SAC funds or spending approval of SAC funds, in addition to a majority of Voting Members being required to pass such motion, approval of a majority of the members of the SAC Executive shall be required.

The voting process for votes carried out by SAC is typically as follows:

  1. A vote is called by the Secretary on specific matters raised at SAC meetings.
  2. The vote is conducted by e-mail.
  3. The e-mail for a vote is prepared asking a specific question to the Voting Members.
  4. The forum for the vote is such that the e-mail is sent out to the Voting Members so that they can respond to the voting question and the e-mail responses can only be seen by the Secretary (i.e. the vote is conducted by a bcc e-mail to the Voting Members).
  5. Each Voting Member is entitled to one vote, provided that no individual may cast more than one vote regardless of whether such individual holds more than one position entitling such individual to a vote.
  6. The following rules governing the vote are outlined to all Voting Members at the bottom of each vote e-mail:
  • A date and time will be noted stating when your responses are required to be e-mail back before.
  • The vote will be by private ballot.  Everyone will be bcc’d on the e-mail so when you reply, your vote will not be visible to the voting group at large.  It will only be visible to the Secretary.
  • Voting options are Yes/No/Abstain.
  • Not replying to the e-mail in the time frame permitted with be noted as an abstention.
  • The vote will be tabulated and the overall results will be made public.
  • Note: Individual votes will be disclosed to any parent that requests them and only to that parent.
  • Every vote will have a time limit. Each vote is carried out over a 48 hour time period. The e-mail time stamp is used to determine if a vote was cast on time
  • Once the vote is complete the results are tabulated and the outcome is communicated to SAC members and in many instances, the entire parent body.

Treasurer’s Report

A copy of financial transaction records and reports are available to parents of children enrolled at Ledbury E&MS.  Please contact the Ledbury SAC at for more information.