2019 – 2020 Spirit and Social Events

2019 – 2020 Spirit and Social Events

Notwithstanding our somewhat diminished “bench strength”, SAC has an exciting line-up of fun social events in the works for the coming year. Returning favourites such as Lip Sync, Skate Night, Ski and Snowboard Day, Ledbury Goes to the Marlies are once again being planned. We are looking for volunteers to help run events, or even if to just help on the day of an event. If you are interested please complete the Volunteer Survey which will give us a sense of your interests and availability.

A Message from the SAC Executive

SAC offers many exciting events and initiatives throughout the year. While some of these events and initiatives are fundraising based, all of these events are meant to raise school spirit and foster a sense of belonging within the Ledbury community. SAC recognizes that participating in everything all of the time may become financially challenging for some Ledbury families. If finances are ever a concern when it comes to SAC events or initiatives, please reach out to executive@ledburypark.ca. SAC regularly provides support for subsidized registrations and participation in SAC events/initiatives and rest assured, everything will be kept confidential. We would never intend to have a student or family feel as if they’ve been left out of the Ledbury community. If you have any questions about how SAC can assist please feel free to contact any member of the SAC Executive.

Photo Consent

Throughout the course of the school year SAC attempts to capture as many photographs of the (amazing) SAC sponsored social and fundraising events so that we can then share these images with the Ledbury parent, student and teacher community via SAC’s website and bi-weekly newsletter, the “Ledbury Letter”. If for whatever reason you do not wish to have photographs of you or your children appear on the SAC website or in the Ledbury Letter, please email info@ledburypark.ca and include your name(s), child’s name(s), child’s grade and the name of your child’s teacher. If we do not receive an email from you opting out, SAC will assume that your consent to include photographs of you and your children has been provided. If you have any questions or concerns on this matter please feel free to email the Executive Committee at executive@ledburypark.ca.